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WOGYMARKET - Workers, Gypsies, and the Market: The Anthropology of New Fascism in Eastern Europe


Marie Curie Actions - People
Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF)

Juraj Buzalka
trvanie: 1.11.2014 - 31.10.2016

This research focuses on how market transformation gives rise to new patterns of

politics that among some social groups in Eastern Europe emerge as new fascism. By focusing on two social groups that have encountered the most significant transformation in effect of the economy re-structuring after state-socialism and whose positions caused the major challenges for academics and policy makers -- heavy industry workers and Roma/Gypsies -- the project aims to offer new perspective on the anthropology of social and political movements in Europe. Building upon years-long fieldwork in Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine, the project investigates how individualism and market calculation in what I call post-peasant setting after state-socialism have paved the way for populist movement that have increasingly taken anti-Roma attitudes among social groups that have not previously shown sensitivity to ethnic conflict or neo-fascist protests. The anthropology of new fascism therefore analyses the social and political movement from the ordinary perspective of everyday eceonomic models, balancing the dominant view on macro-structural or identity-centred 'culturalist' approaches. Theoretically, the project combines the recent dialogue of anthropology and economy with literature on transformations of polities, particularly in post-socialist setting. The project intends to argue that the current rise of populism and neo-fascism in Eastern Europe can only partially be explained as being the effect of neoliberal globalization. It is argued, instead, that the perspective on the everyday distribution of power in post-peasant society and how it has been reproduced via uneven development alongside with the changes in livelihood strategies under the market proliferation into the spheres previously dominated by community reciprocity shall be investigated in order to develop a new theory in the field of anthropology of social and political movements in/of Europe.

Projekty a granty


The AHRC Culture and the Mind Project (podporený od United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council), 2006 - 2001 (http://www.philosophy.dep.shef.ac.uk/culture&mind/)

01 Názov projektu/Project title

Kultúra a myseľ / Culture and the Wind

02 Anotácia/Project abstract

Projekt spája najlepších vedcov z celého radu disciplín – vrátane antropológie, kognitívnej psychológie, ekonómie, histórie, neurovedy a filozofie – s cieľom preskúmať dôsledky vplyvu kultúry na myseľ a kognitívne a evolučné základy kultúry v mnohých a rôznorodých kultúrach.

The project will bring together top scholars in a broad range of disciplines – including anthropology, cognitive psychology, economics, history, neuroscience, and philosophy – to  investigate the consequences of the impact of culture on the mind and the cognitive and evolutionary foundations of culture in various and diverse cultural settings.

03 Poskytovateľ/Grant agency

Výskumná rada pre umenia a humanitné vedy Veľkej Británie

The United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council

04 Príjemca/Beneficiary

Univerzita Sheffield

05 Spolupríjemnca/-ovia (postupne uveďte všetky organizácie, ktoré sa podieľajú na riešení daného projektu)/Cooperating organization/-s

London School of Economics, Veľká Británia

University of Oxford, Veľká Británia

Brunel University, Veľká Británia

Institut Jean Nicod, Francúzsko

Maďarská akadémia vied, Maďarsko

Univerzita Komenského, Slovensko

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

University of Davis, USA

Rutgers University, USA

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Kanada

06 Doba riešenia projektu/Project period

Grant VEGA c. 1/4700/07: Sociálne konanie, normy a reprezentácie, 2006 – 2009

01 Názov projektu/Project title

Sociálne konanie, normy a reprezentácie / Social Action, Norms and Representations

02 Anotácia/Project abstract

Cieľom výskumného projektu je preskúmať základné súčasné koncepcie sociálneho konania, noriem a sociálnych reprezentácií z hľadiska filozofie, psychológie a antropológie, vyvodiť konkrétne testovateľné hypotézy a overiť ich pomocou interdisciplinárneho prístupu rôznych disciplín s rôznorodými výskumnými objektami.

The aim of the projects is to investigate key contemporary notions of social action, norms and representations from the point of view of philosophy, psychology, and anthropology, to draw particular hypotheses and test them by mean of interdisciplinary approach of various disciplines with diverse research objects.

03 Poskytovateľ/Grant agency

VEGA – Grantová agentúra MŠ SR

04 Príjemca/Beneficiary

Univerzita Komenského, Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied

06 Doba riešenia projektu/Project period

2006 - 2009

07 Zodpovedný riešiteľ/Principal investigator

prof. PhDr. Emil Višňovský, PhD.

08 Riešitelia z FSEV

Doc. Martin Kanovský, PhD.

PhDr. Andrej Findor

Mgr. Miroslav Sirota