Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Martin Mendelski

Martin Mendelski, Ph.D.

Martin Mendelski (Ph.D, University of Luxembourg) is docent at the Comenius University Bratislava. His current research focuses on rule of law conflicts in the EU. Previously he was postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. He has held visiting positions at Harvard University, European University Institute, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, University of Georgia, Bilkent University, European Law Academy (Trier) and Max Planck Institute for European Legal History. Dr. Mendelski has provided expertise to EU institutions on rule of law promotion and protection in Poland, Romania, the Western Balkans and post-Soviet countries. His research approach is multidisciplinary, multimethod, multiperspective and multilingual.