Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Oľga Gyarfášová

Dr. Oľga Gyárfášova studied sociology at Faculty of Arts Comenius University in Bratislava, she holds PhD in comparative political science. In her research she focuses on electoral studies, political culture, minority rights and gender studies, as well as on analyses of populism and right-wing extremism. She is author, co-author and co-editor of dozens of academic publications. She has been involved in several domestic and international scientific projects. Moreover, she is national coordinator of the European Election Studies (EES) and principal investigator of the prestigious project Comparative Studies of Electoral Systems (CSES). She works on several national scientific project. As a hosting professor she visited University of Innsbruck (2018). She speaks fluent English and German, has some basic Polish and Russian. 

Oľga Gyárfášová served as the director of the Institute for European Studies and International Relations (2015-2020), she is member of Editorial Boards of scientific journal Sociológia/Sociological Review; Board of directors of the independent public policy think-tank - Institute for Public Affairs, and in 2012-2017 she was the member of Attesting commission of the Sociological Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences. 


BA level:

  • Political sociology
  • European political culture
  • Public opinion surveys and research design
  • BA theses seminar

MA level:

  • Methodology of social sciences;
  • European union in political and public discourse
  • EU and the populist challenge

PhD level:

  • Quantitative methods in social sciences