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The LLP/Erasmus program is a program of the European Union (EU) to support projects in the field of education and science. Its sub-programme Erasmus+ is focused on the field of higher education. Within the Erasmus+ program , universities can receive financial support for their European cooperation activities from the European Commission (EC), as the executive body of the EU.

A student can complete a stay abroad within the Erasmus+ program for a maximum of 12 months for each level of study - bachelor's, master's, doctoral -in internal or external form.

As part of the Erasmus+ program, each university is assigned by identification code, the Comenius University's code is SK BRATISL02 .

The Erasmus program offers students to travel on several types of mobility: study, internship, short mobility programs called BIP-Blended Intensive Program, and ENLIGHT alliance programs . All Erasmus mobilities are administered in the Mobility Online System, where at the time of opening the portal for individual mobilities, you can log in with logins into AIS via the relevant links. You can always find up-to-date information on all the mentioned types of mobility on the rector's website of the UK - click on ERASMUS+ INFO in the left bar.

FSEV - info. and faculty specifics for individual mobilities:

Erasmus+ study

The Erasmus + program department announces a call for applications for student mobility every year. The student applies via the ONLINE application for mobility, registration is possible only during the period when the call is open (from mid-December to mid-February) and students apply for the next academic year, winter semester, summer semester or the entire academic year, possible additional call in September is an exception, not a regular tradition, and such a calls are announced by rectorate IRO Office.

After applying for Erasmus+ mobility, students are included in the selection process, which takes place at individual faculties based on published criteria - Selection criteria here

In the application form, the student indicates 3 preferred universities from the list of universities contracted by the faculty - /click on PARTNER UNIVERSITIES - left bar/,which is  increasing the chance of placement to particular institution.

The contracted study fields for FSEV are: 0311 – Economics, 0312 - Political Sciences and Civics, 0313- Psychology, 0314- Sociology and Cultural Studies,

For destinations in Italy and Spain, the faculty requires knowledge of the language of the given country at the B2 level, due to the weak local offer of courses in English.

After successfully completing the selection procedure at the faculty and after being nominated by the foreign department of FSEV CU, the foreign university will send you instructions and information on how to proceed with them. It mostly involves registering in their online systems, or filling out their application form with your personal data and a request to insert specific documents by a certain deadline, which must be met.

The list of subjects in the "Learning Agreement" is approved by the institut‘ coordinators of particular instituts before departure, and must be in accordance with the FSEV study plan and the offer of the receiving institution.

To generate the grant contract/agreement, the student enters the required documents and data into the Mobility Online System /in which mobilities are administered/, after signing the contract by the student and the Vice-Rector for Internetional Relations, funds will be transferred to the student‘ account.

Erasmus+ internship

An internship is a period that a student spends in a company or other organization in a country eligible for the Erasmus+ program. The goal of the internship is to help individuals adapt to the demands of the labor market, acquire professional/practical skills and better understand the economic and social conditions of the host country in conjunction with the acquisition of work experience and language skills. The internship is open to both full-time and part-time students.

An Erasmus internship can be – E+ student internship, E+ internship for Graduates, E+ short-term internship for doctoral students.

E+ student internship - in general, the internship is valid for a minimum of 2 months, a maximum of 12 months in each level of education (B.Sc., Mgr., PhD.) the call for student internships and applications is open throughout the year, there is no deadline

FSEV students are advised to plan such an internship well in years when they have a mandatory or optional prax/internship in the study program and in a period or scope that at least overlaps with the lecture part of the academic year. Internship applications are approved by institution coordinators as well as the vice dean for International relations.

The student submits the application in the system only when he already knows the company or organization where he plans to start an internship abroad, in the motivational part of the application he describes the company as well as his planned position. This part, the study average and the time range of the internship and assesses when approving the application in the system.

E+ internship for Graduates – Comenius University students have the opportunity to participate in a work placement abroad through the Erasmus+ program even after graduation.

Graduate internships, financed from EU resources within the Erasmus+ program, are organized by the UK in cooperation with WorkSpace Europe . More information about WorkSpace Europe can be found at www.workspaceeurope.sk in the WorkSpace Europe brochure or in the presentation from the Information Seminars.

You can complete a graduate internship in all EU countries + Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey.

You apply for it as a student of the final year of a bachelor's or master's degree, but you are traveling at a time when you are no longer a student of the faculty.

The online registration portal is currently open /from November 2023 to May 2024/:

Users | Solidintern from WSE | Erasmus+ internship portal

I am a student at the Comenius University in Bratislava - WorkSpace Europe

E+ short-term internship for PhD students - in general, the range of one such internship is valid from 5 to 30 days, possible repetitions until the 12 months of PhD level study within Erasmus mobilities. The conditions and administration of the given mobility before, during and after the stay - are identical to the conditions of the E+ student internship. The destination could be universities within the EU countries as well as outside the contracted destinations of the faculty.

BIP-Blended Intensive Program

BIP is a type of Erasmus+ mobility that consists of two parts - virtual and face-to-face /which is usually 5 days abroad/, and you have to participate in both parts. For successful completion of the BIP program, you will receive at least 3 ETCS, either in the form of recognition for one of the subjects of the study plan, or as an imported subject called BIP. Arrange the recognition in advance at the faculty.

How do I find out about BIPs?

  • Enlight BIP – directly by email from the Rectorate of the UK
  • BIPs offered by the partner university
  • by email from the IRO of the faculty
  • other BIPs - by your own search, e.g. at erasmusbip.eu
  • BIP, which is co-organized by our faculty - from the teachers.

How should I proceed?

  • I'll find out the basic information, consider interest,
  • apply to the organiser
  • contact the IRO when  notified of acceptance
  • follow any further instructions I receive (always follow the instructions of both Comenius University and the receiving institution).

The link to log in to the Mobility Online System is specific for each BIP,and is  sent by the rectorate, connected to certain contracs processes, therefore about your interest and acceptance incl. partners, the IRO of the faculty must know in time.


UK is part of an alliance of 10 European universities, which was created to help build the foundations of an integrated European system of higher education. The long-term vision is for the ENLIGHT alliance to transform into an integrated European system of universities by 2030 without obstacles in study, teaching and cooperation.

Enlight offers to students participation in the BIP programs of the alliance, or semester or year-long studies .

Partner universities:

Ghent University (Belgium): https://www.ugent.be/en

University of Bordeaux (France): https://www.u-bordeaux.fr/en

Uppsala University (Sweden): https://www.uu.se/en/

University of Groningen (Netherlands): https://www.rug.nl/

University of the Basque Country (Spain): https://www.ehu.eus/en/en-home

University of Göttingen (Germany): https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/1.html

National University of Ireland Galway: https://www.nuigalway.ie/

University of Tartu (Estonia): https://ut.ee/en

University of Bern (Switzerland): https://www.unibe.ch/index_eng.html

Mobility is organized on the basis of a joint contract for all study fields at the university level. Therefore, the selection process will not be organized at the level of faculties, but at the level of the entire university.

Before submitting an application, it is necessary to check on the website of the partner university whether the field of study in which you are interested is taught at the partner university and is compatible with your study program at Comenius University.

In the Mobility Online System, Enlight universities are part of the list of offered universities when submitting applications for Erasmus studies, where the student has the option of choosing 3 preferred universities and the Enlight destination can be one of these three preferences.

E+ road trips greetings

National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

University of A Coruna, Spain


Alex and our Zuzka, who met at the E+ mobility in Tallinn, Estonia, met after a year by chance in Bangkok, Thailand. The world is small.