Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Prof. Ing. Mgr. Renáta Pitoňáková, PhD. chairwoman, Institute of Economics
doc. PhDr. Andrej Findor, PhD. Institute of European Studies and International Relations
Ing. Miroslava Jánošová, PhD. Institute of Economics
Katarína Očková, MSc., PhD., AFHEA Institute of Social Anthroplogy
doc. Mgr. Katarína Staroňová, PhD. Institute of Public Policy
Ing. Lukáš Vartiak, PhD. Institute of Mediamatics
doc. Mgr. Elena Lisá, PhD Institute of Applied Psychology

Documents and legislation

Vnútorný predpis č. 5/2022 - Rokovací poriadok Etickej komisie FSEV UK


If you are seeking Ethics Committee approval under the Standards of Research Ethics for your thesis, please complete the online form here

If you are seeking assessment of compliance of a research project with ethical standards, please complete the online form here

If you are seeking assessment of the ethics of the research in the thesis for future publication, please complete the online form here