Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Dean's Collegium

Dean's Collegium is a broader advisory board to the dean. It consists of vice-deans, chairman of the FSES Academic Senate, directors of the institutes, secretary of the faculty and head of study department. The collegium is a place to discuss important issues on school activities and management. 

Members of Collegium

Mgr. Andrej Mentel, PhD. Chairman of AS FSES CU
Mgr. Kristína Janková, PhD. Vice-Dean for Study Affairs
JUDr. Alexandra Strážnická, PhD., LL.M. Vice-Dean for International Relations and Legislation
doc. PhDr. Andrej Findor, PhD. Director of IESIR
prof. Mgr. Júlia Kanovská Halamová, PhD. Director of IAP
prof. Ing. Emília Beblavá, PhD. Director of IPP
Ing. Tomáš Domonkos, PhD. Director of IE
doc. Mgr. Juraj Buzalka, M.A., PhD. Director of ISA
RNDr. Eva Capková, PhD. Director of IM
JUDr. PaedDr. Petra Pernišová Secretary
Mgr. Marína Gorghetto