Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Organisation of studies in academic year

Organisation of studies in Spring Semester 2021/2022

The teaching process in spring semester 2021/2022 at FSES CU will takes in place in conformity with recommendations of Crisis Committee

14 February -  4 March

- Complete distant learning – all classes will be held online via MS Teams. The classes will follow the day and hour set in AIS, only ALL be taught online

Plan for period 7 March on

- Hybrid teaching is planned – should the situation allow, FSES will get back to on-site learning as much as possible. The limitation for whole university is to use maximum 50% of the room capacity, therefore some course will continue to be completely taught online, some will be taught completely on-site at the faculty, some will be taught in hybrid way (lectures online, seminars in group on-site)

- Teaching will follow the schedule in AIS. Every schedule window (lecture, seminar) course is marked whether is taught online (there is a note “online”) or on-site (there is a room, where the course will take place)

- This model is still in status “planned” – the reality depends on the current situation with COVID-19 and the health status of our teachers and students

- For students, VTO regime will NOT be checked, however, we believe that all of us will behave responsible and with consideration of all other people we are in contact with.

- If there is suspicion for COVID-19 or you don’t feel well or you have flu, rather stay at home and contact your teachers

- If you were tested positive for COVID-19, fill in this form – the information gets to the faculty and we can proceed with next steps

- regarding the on-site learning, we will try to be flexibile and considerate. In individual cases of incapability to participate on on-site learning, contact your teachers. We will try to provide some of the teaching acitivities also online for you (if the course setup allows it)

- if you reside abroad and cannot attend the classes at all, contact your teachers

- we understand that for some of you the on-site learning can cause difficulties, however, we believe that you will do as much as you can to participate on the on-site learning. 


- if you are daily student (not Erasmus or exchange student) and you would like to have accommodation during spring semester, contact the admimnistration office of dormitories (for Mlyny: mlyny.ubytovanieuniba.sk; for Družba: ubytovaciedruzba.uniba.sk)  

State Exams

- all the state exams are planned to be on-site

Schedule for Spring Semester 2021/2022

 The schedule is set up and approved in AIS2.



When you sign a course into schedule, but decide later not to attend it, it is not sufficient to withdraw the course from schedule, you need to erase it from your enrolment list!!! You will be evaluated for courses in your enrolment lists, not the ones you have in your schedule. So if there is a course you don’t attend, but still in the enrolment list, you shall still get a grade for it.

If the maximum course capacity has been reached, do withdraw the course – erase it from your schedule and enrolment list as well.

Some courses offer several seminar groups, you choose only one group! You select the group by yourself, however, it is possible that after all the changes in students’ enrolment lists the seminar groups will be divided unproportionally, therefore the teacher may ask you to sign up for other seminar group.

Particular “schedule windows” may have different capacity limits – especially when it comes to semi-obligatory courses and courses that will be provided on-site (due to room capacity). Therefore, it may happen that you won’t be able to sign up the course into schedule despite having it in your enrolment list. But because you won’t be able to attend the course because of capacity, you have to erase the course from your enrolment list and sign up another course that have free capacity (into your enrolment list as well as schedule).

Check your study plans – especially when it comes to semi-obligatory courses and how many of them you should select. In some study programs, the students signed up for more courses than recommended. In that case it is possible, that some of them have already reached their capacity and you won’t be able to sign the course into your schedule. Do erase that course from your enrolment list.
Study plans for 2021/2022

You won’t find some courses in the schedule – this concerns the Internships or BA/MA thesis courses. It is not a mistake. The internship you do, you do it in an organisation, so there is no reason to have it in the schedule. It is sufficient to have the course in your enrolment list. When it comes to BA/MA thesis courses – these are usually taught in the form of consultations with your supervisor, therefore they are not in schedule. If the course IS in schedule, then it is taught regularly as ordinary course.

If you are leaving for Erasmus for the semester, don’t sign the course into your schedule.