Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Model United Nations

MUN is an abbreviation for Model United Nations, a model student conference where high school students or university student simulate the negotiations in different UN committees, foremost Security Council (SC), Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC), Committee for Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), UNESCO, Legal committee and General Assembly. Some universities (as organizers) use to add also other committee outside the UN organisational framework, such as European Council, NATO, Council of Europe or OSCE. MUNs and similar events support individual development of students from psychological, professional or social point of view. Of course, there are also students, who take the participation at MUNs very seriously a cannot imagine leaving without awards. Abroad, especially, in the US, the success at MUNs is considered the right way how to start your carrier. At FSES, we consider it rather an opportunity to live it yourself - the negotiations and bargaining in international politics. We enable students to get closer to real policy-making that is influenced not only by the interests of countries, but also by the decision-making procedures, informal relationships and capabilities available. The basic rule is to follow the current development of international relations and the real position of your respective country. Nevertheless, it is a great challenge for the students. To succeed is extremely hard for students who are not lead to have an opinion and to push it forward. We at the Faculty try to practice it through discussion or presentations. Students are supposed to be delegates during MUN, so they should also behave like delegates and dress like delegation. Each MUN ends with the party to strengthen established relationships and contacts.