Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Enrolment for foreign students

Enrolment for 1st-year students of BC and MGR study

The enrolment for newcomers will take place at the faculty in face-to-face form. 

The foreign students have special groups created and shall come to the enrolment for foreign students, not for their particular study program.

We kindly ask all the students to keep the enrolment time. In case the student cannot attend the enrolment due to serious reason, please contact your study referent. The study referent for foreign students is Zuzana Miškóciová (zuzana.miskociova@uniba.sk ).

Date Time Degree Study program Room
7.9.2022 8:30 bachelor ES1, AE1 A013
8.9.2022 8:30 bachelor PP1, PP1/en, SA1, ME1 A013
13.9.2022 8:30 master mPP1, mVP1 A013
14.9.2022 8:30 master mES1, mES1en, mgAE1 A013

Enrolment for higher years of BC and MGR study

Enrolment for continuing students will take place in online form.

Date Time Degree Year Study program Link
9.9.2022 8:30 bachelor 2.-3. all programs link
9.9.2022 10:00 master 2. all programs link