Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

european studies

General information about study program

study program: European studies
field of study: Political science
form of study: internal
standard length of study: 3 years
study language: Slovak and English

Board of the study program

Doc. PhDr. Oľga Gyarfášová, PhD. (HZO)

Maksym Khylko, PhD.

Bc. Dominik Lelkes - student

Mgr. Ondrej Gažovič - representative of employers

Support staff and study advisors


Mgr. Andrea Figulová, PhD.  
Shane David Markowitz, PhD.  
Mgr. Matej Navrátil, PhD.  
Mgr. Clarissa do Nascimento Tabosa, PhD.  
Mgr. Matúš Sloboda, PhD.  
Mgr. Juraj Marušiak, PhD.  
Mgr. Donald Wertlen, PhD.
Mgr. Bibiana Wertlen, PhD.
Ing. Jakub Szabó, PhD.
Jakub Csabay
Olena Khylko, PhD.

study advisor: Mgr. Andrea Figulová, PhD. (andrea.figulovafses.uniba.sk)

student study advisor: Mgr. Lucia Wirthová

coordinator for mobility and Erasmus+: Mgr. Bibiana Wertlen, PhD. (bibiana.wertlen@fses.uniba.sk)

coordinator for students with special needs: Ing. Veronika Miťková, PhD. (veronika.mitkovafses.uniba.sk)

Description of the study program

Application requirements

A candidate for the Bachelor's degree programme has completed secondary vocational education with a secondary school leaving certificate or has completed secondary education at a foreign school. He/she is interested in developing his/her knowledge in both theoretical and practical terms in the fields of political science, international relations and European institutions. She has a B2 level of English, with a view to teaching subjects in English. The ability to analyse information and evaluate it critically is an essential prerequisite for the European Studies programme. At the same time, he/she should be able to think independently and creatively.  The candidate should be motivated to pursue a professional career in domestic or foreign organisations or to pursue further studies. 

Graduate's profile

The aim of the training of graduates of the European Studies programme is to acquire knowledge of the basic categories of political science, European law and economics in relation to the processes of European integration and international relations. The graduate is oriented in the basic concepts and theories related to political and economic processes within Europe, which he/she can apply in the analysis of internal and foreign policy. The graduate is prepared to pursue a Master's degree in European Studies and related academic disciplines. S/he has an overview of the possibilities of basic quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches and methods, and is familiar with and can apply the principles of academic writing, research and comparison in his/her work.  

The basic characteristic of a graduate of the Bachelor's degree is the ability to systematically acquire and process theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of interdisciplinary research of European integration processes and his/her readiness to work in various sectors of public administration and politics. Graduates are also able to work with national and international databases (e.g. slovlex, eur-lex, UN document database) and to work in the media field. 

Graduates are able to scientifically verify knowledge in the fields of political science, international relations and European studies.  The graduate is characterised by independent, critical and analytical thinking, has experience of working in a team and consistently takes social, scientific and ethical aspects into account in his/her studies and research.  

The objectives of the study programme are in line with the long-term development strategy of the Comenius University in Bratislava and with the objectives of the Long-term Plan of the Faculty of Social and Economic Science of the Comenius University in Bratislava. The application of the English language in the teaching process, as well as the presence of foreign lecturers and researchers working in the programme, contributes to the internationalisation of studies, improves the conversational skills of the students, increases the competence of the graduates of the study programme and enables them to continue their studies also at renowned foreign universities. 


Graduates' employability:

Speaker and Member of Parliament
Senior civil servants
Head of office, secretariat of a central government body
Municipal and county officials  
Director of a non-profit organisation, foundation and non-investment fund
Leaders of political, trade union, interest and related organisations
Managers of administrative and support activities
Other teaching and professional staff in education and training
Soft skills instructor
Strategy specialist in relation to European Union policies
International relations specialist
Systems analyst not elsewhere classified
Political scientist
Publicist, Correspondent, Reporter, Commentator  
Organisers of social events and educational activities
Professional workers in public administration
Public administration professional in the field of international relations
Parliamentary and government affairs professional 

Study plan and courses description

Štúdijný plán

Informačné listy predmetov

Partner organisations

PDCS, o.z. 

Future Generation Europe 


Národný ústav certifikovaných meraní 


Adra  Slovensko 

Ambrela (pôv. Platforma mimovládnych rozvojových organizácií) 

European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes