Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University in Bratislava


The Faculty management is narrow advisory body of the Dean. The members of the management are vice-deans and the faculty secretary. It deals with operative issues of the faculty management that require collective negotiations.

Dean of Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences

doc. PhDr. JUDr. Lucia Mokrá, PhD.

room: C 147
phone: +421-2-206 69 801


Mgr. Peter Broniš, PhD.

Vice-Dean for International Relations and Legislation
room: C 039
phone: +421-2-20669831
e-mail: internationalfses.uniba.sk   
e-mail: peter.bronisfses.uniba.sk  

Mgr. Kristína Janková, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Study
room: B125
phone: +421-2-20669821
e-mail: kristina.jankovafses.uniba.sk

doc. PhDr. Juraj Podoba, CSc.

Vice-Dean for Science and Research
room: C 204
phone: +421-2-206 69 851
e-mail: juraj.podobafses.uniba.sk 
office hours: Wednesday 12:30 - 14:30

Secretary of Faculty

Ing. Alena Čirková

room: C 145
phone:+421-2-206 69 803
e-mail: alena.cirkovafses.uniba.sk