Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences


Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences was established on 5 June 2002 a the !13th faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava based on the decision of the Chancellor of Comenius University, approval of the Academic Senate of the CU and the Accreditation Commission MoE SR. 

The decision to establish a new faculty oriented to social sciences was connected to analogical steps in academic environment of neighboring countries Central and South-Eastern Europe and was in conformity with global development trends of social and economic sciences. And so a faculty was founded that introduced new study programs inspired by internal and international societal development. 

It was mainly study programs from the area of social sciences - gradually study programs were established on the basis of social psychology, political sciences, european studies, international relations, social anthropology, public policy and economy. 

The basic goal was to create an interdisciplinary character of the new faculty in the existing educational system as well as in the research in a way that preparation and profile of graduates meets the requirements of current demand of labour market in Slovakia and abroad. The Faculty from its start implemented the basic principle of Bologna process and subscribed to the aims such as deepen the quality of educational processes, improvement of mobility of students, lecturers and research assistants, strengthen European dimension in university education. Credit system of three-level university study offers option of bachelor, master and doctoral study programs.