Faculty of Social
and Economic Sciences
Comenius University Bratislava

Mission of the Institute of Public Policy

The main mission of the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) is to provide multidisciplinary education in public policy that meets international standards. The study of public policy combines and offers the latest knowledge in the field of public administration, political science, law, sociology, economics, management, methodology and building analytical skills. We believe that also students in Slovakia can receive high quality education.

Our institute provides students not only with good explanation of theoretical approaches, but also helps them to develop critical and analytical thinking. We emphasize an approach based on data, information and evidence (evidence based policy research) and skills based on problem solving through case studies and practical examples. The flexibility and interactivity of study is important for us and therefore we intensively use e-learning and other modern teaching methods.

Except for teaching, we engage in research and prepare analytical materials for municipalities, the state administration, NGOs and supranational institutions. This activity is realized in cooperation with other domestic and foreign research institutions. We are also trying to link our educational and research activities with the practice. This approach enriches the knowledge of our students and helps transfer the latest scientific knowledge into practice. We are an institution built on a team of experts.